ZM - Digital Micro Task FAQ's (For non-advertise users)

We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions and posted the answers here. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you do not see the answer to any questions/concerns that you may have.

Q: What is ZM - Digital Micro Task?

A: ZM - Digital Micro Task is an online platform that allows ordinary people to earn cash for doing what they love to do and what they are already doing! ZM - Digital Micro Task users make money by simply following others on Instagram, by "Liking" pages on Facebook, and post reviews on Google Map. We showcase select Instagram accounts, Facebook accounts and Google Map for our clients. Our clients include celebrities, businesses, and private individuals, that are willing to pay you, for supporting their social marketing campaigns.

Q: How much money can I earn on ZM - Digital Micro Task?

A: That's totally up to you! Some users earn RM0.10 a day some RM10.00 or more a day! The more you log on and Like, Follow, or View, the more you'll make! We are constantly inviting new accounts and websites that need your support so log on as often as you'd like, and earn as much money as you want. Simply get to the easy to reach RM10.00 pay out threshold and get paid! You can also earn up to 5% Invite Friends bonus for every person's profit sharing you refer to ZM - Digital Micro Task. Sign up now to receive your unique Invite Friends code.

Q: How will I receive payments from ZM - Digital Micro Task?

A: ZM - Digital Micro Task pays securely via local bank account. You MUST have a local bank account in order to receive payments from ZM - Digital Micro Task. Payment Requests can be made after you reach the RM10.00 minimum payout threshold at anytime with 7 working days processing buffer.

Q: When will I begin receiving my regular payments?

A: This depends on how much time you want to put into it, and how long it takes you to reach the RM10.00 minimum payout threshold each time.

Q: When will I begin receiving my Invite Friends bonuses?

A: You will be eligible to receive a 5% Invite Friends profit sharing each time you invited a new person to our site, when they withdraw their credits from platform. Each time a person you refer, receives their payout, your up to 5% Invite Friends bonus will be added to you ZM - Digital Micro Task account automatically.

Q: I have more than one Facebook account is this ok?

A: We only encourage quality social media account for the task takers. User with low merit scores will be stop taking new tasks.

Q: How long must I continue following the Instagram accounts, or "Liking" the Facebook accounts, and Why?

A: In order to qualify for the specified payouts on ZM - Digital Micro Task, and to continue using our service, you are required to Follow all Instagram accounts, and "Like" all Facebook accounts for a period of at least 60 days. This is very important if we are going to continue providing our clients with a quality service. We will monitor all functions on a regular basis and those users who are in violation of this policy will be banned from using the ZM - Digital Micro Task service, and all monies owed will be forfeited. Take this as a great opportunity to learn about other people. See what others are offering. Who knows what you might learn. You might even make some lifelong relationships!

Q: Is it possible to advertise my Instagram Account, Facebook Account or Google Reviews on ZM - Digital Micro Task?

A: Yes. You can always run your own advertise campaigns via our platform.

Q: Does ZM - Digital Micro Task automatically allocate or assign task to me?

A: No, ZM - Digital Micro Task doesn't automatically allocate or assign task to any users/members. Users/members need to take the task by themself when the tasks are still available, it is first come first serve basic. Hence we require users/members to take all available tasks as fast as possible before task closed.

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